B.A.R.K.Y. - Burglar Alert Response K-9 Yelper

B.A.R.K.Y. is an alarm system for people traveling during the holidays. This was a class project for HCDE 539: Physical Computing.

Description: A microphone outside of the house senses sounds that are categorized by volume parameters. Louder sounds result in loud aggressive barks. Barking sounds are pre-recorded and uploaded to a SD card and played thorough a wave shield and external amplifier connected to an Arduino Uno. Lights also come on in the house based on the amount of sound outside the house. For example, a quiet sound results in one LED lighting up and louder sounds result in multiple LEDs lighting up. The Christmas tree in the smart home operates on a battery separately from the Arduino.

How it works: B.A.R.K.Y. is an alarm system that lights up and barks according to sounds and potential intruders. There's a microphone (sensor) that picks up sound. The Arduino code determines the parameters of the sound and according to the sound level, actuates the LED sound meter (actuator). If the sound level is at the highest level, the wave shield (actuator) plays the barking sounds from the SD card through the amplifier. If the sound is at level 3 or 4, a message is broadcast wirelessly through the Xbee (actuator) saying, "Someone is here to see you!" If an Intruder or Zombie alert are sent from the class Xbee, then the wave shield (actuator) plays barking sounds.

Software overview:

  • Add Xbee and wave shield libraries
  • Add sound variables and pin numbers
  • Connect to Xbee module


  • Setup pin outputs
  • Start Xbee
  • Locate SD card files


  • Check for Xbee alerts, respond accordingly
  • Check for sound input from microphone
  • If sound in parameters, print serial monitor messages, light up LEDs, play barking sounds
  • Send message to Xbee portal if sound at level 3 or 4 and if a 10 seconds have passed since last message
  • Wave shield debugging